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Calendar of events

*Starred events will be available exclusively to series VIP ticketholders. Fabric of Life series VIP tickets are available for £1500 and include access to extra events, dinners, and opportunities throughout the duration of the series.

October 2018

4 – The Conduit Launch – Private Event

Our insatiable thirst for constantly buying more clothes is putting the Earth’s most precious ecosystems at risk, pushing species towards extinction, destroying livelihoods and communities. See and learn more about solutions and innovations that are working to reduce the fashion’s impact on biodiversity.


11 – Arts Club Launch – Private Event

Hear the unique perspectives of key women who represent different parts of the fashion and conservation world through their in-depth discussion, and afterwards have the opportunity to discuss your questions with them during a very special Q&A session.


17 – Synchronicity Earth Launch – FREE (registration required) 

Engage with world-class experts and converse with industry leaders as we lay out a roadmap for how we will use fashion as the lens through which we explore the concept of (un)sustainable fashion and its impact on biodiversity throughout this series, starting from the perspective of the ecosystems and species that are under threat.

November 2018


19 - V&A Field Trip


A limited opportunity for 20 participants to experience Fashioned from Nature, a timely exhibition at the prestigious V&A, with experts who are not only relevant, but featured in the exhibition. The exhibition demonstrates the importance of this topic, and provides a beautiful and concise overview of the history of fashion and how our relationship to it, and hence to nature, has changed over time. Followed by a private lunch with curator Edwina Ehrman and Nina Marenzi of The Sustainable Angle.

27 - Ethics of Fashion at the SKC

Join us to discuss the complex ethical issues involved in the sustainable fashion debate. The evenings speakers include: Kresse Wesling of Elvis & Kresse, Anna Trebinski of Anna Trebinski, and Max La Manna of RiLEY.

29 – Christmas Shopping | Maiyet Collective Pop-up at The Conduit


Shop some of the most sustainable and biodiversity-friendly brands available and find holiday gifts while helping the planet!

January 2019

24 – Future Fabrics Expo


Explore new textiles and innovative fabrics that are changing the way fashion impacts the natural world with a private tour of the Future Fabrics Expo after the public exhibition closes. Then, hear from experts curated by Canopy Planet and The Sustainable Angle, covering the entire fashion supply chain and its impact on biodiversity.

February 2019

28 – The Nature of Fashion - The Royal Institution


A part of the Deeper Thinking Series, we will explore the cultural roots of fashion, thinking about how our consumer habits have literally changed our relationship to the clothes we wear. We will explore our history of exporting our environmental impacts and how cultural uses of fashion have (and can) evolve(d). The panel, which will include Edwina Ehrman and Kate Fletcher, will explore how to use fashion as a pro-environmental force.


*TBD – Breakfast at Grace Belgravia


Accessories are often among the most ‘disposable’ elements of fashion – what would it look like if we carefully chose accessories, like umbrellas, to be sustainable, ethical, and built to last? That’s what brands like Supabrella are exploring.


*TBD – Evening studio tour with Deborah Milner in conversation with Arizona Muse


A limited opportunity for 20 participants to visit Deborah Milner's sustainable couture studio, and to enjoy an intimate evening of conversation about sustainability, luxury, and advocacy between Deborah and Arizona.

March 2019

6 – Field Trip to visit Tonge Mill - the workshop of Elvis and Kresse  

Join us to visit the mill in Kent where Elvis and Kresse turn decommissioned fire hoses into their spectacular sustainable handbags, luggage, and belts while also working to protect local biodiversity and reduce their impact on the environment. With private tour led by co-founder and director Kresse Wesling, MBE. 11:30am - 5pm

19 – An evening of conversation between Arizona Muse and Deborah Milner

Join us at Deborah's couture design studio for an intimate evening where Arizona and Deborah will share their unique perspectives as two strong advocates for nature-friendly fashion. 7pm

20 & 21 – The ReStory & Vestiere Collective - Grace Belgravia

On the 20th, join us for drinks and a talk on how to promote sustainability in our wardrobes by repairing, rewearing, or reselling. Then, look through your wardrobes to drop the next day, where Vestiaire Collective will be taking in items to resell and The Restory be consulting and receiving items to restore. 

28 – Series Finale  - South Kensington Club

Join us at the South Kensington Club for a celebratory conclusion to our journey, with Dr. Helen Crowley, the Head of Sustainable Sourcing and Innovation at Kering, and Orsola de Castro, the Founder and Creative Director of Fashion Revolution. 7pm, 6:30 doors

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