Fabric of Life



A word from our Ambassadors

Arizona Muse


"I'm so excited to see the practical change the Fabric of Life series will bring within my industry. Synchronicity Earth is a catalyst for change in the environment and to know that they will be turning their attention to fashion brings me confidence that soon it will be a cleaner place!" 

Wilson Oryema

“For everyone who is on this journey of trying to do better for the planet, it’s always a blessing to come across those who also walk a similar path. That’s why, l’m happy and thrilled to be an ambassador for Synchronicity Earth’s Fabric of Life series, helping to further conversations and inspire change in the way we see, create, and interact with fashion.”

Alison Sudol


“If we could widen our idea of what’s cool in fashion to include how things are made, that small shift could have a massive impact on the planet. The Fabric of Life series is vital to that shift, bringing critical knowledge forward that we can use both to make better choices and to create a higher demand for more sustainable options. I’m so proud to be an Ambassador for the Fabric of Life series, and excited to see how we can use it to weave ourselves a new narrative in style.”

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