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Private Launch - The Conduit

4th October, 2018

Our insatiable thirst for constantly buying more clothes is putting the Earth’s most precious ecosystems at risk, pushing species towards extinction, destroying livelihoods and communities. See and learn more about solutions and innovations that are working to reduce the fashion’s impact on biodiversity. A TEDx-style event that uses solutions and innovations as the lens through which we explore the entire concept of (un)sustainable fashion and its impact on biodiversity. An Introduction and framing. Expect three, 7-minute long talks, followed by an interactive Q&A.


Kresse Wesling is Co-Founder of Elvis & Kresse, the multi-award winning luxury sustainable lifestyle bags brand that convert industrial and commercial waste (such as fire hoses and coffee bags) into luxury goods and accessories. Kresse is passionate about eliminating waste and uses this passion to develop products from waste that add value.

Paul Van Zyl is Co-Founder and CEO at Maiyet - a luxury fashion brand. Prior to founding Maiyet, Paul was known for pioneering new approaches to human rights protection; he has advised countries around the world on how to facilitate transitions to peace and democracy following periods of mass atrocity and human rights abuse. 

Jessica Sweidan is Founding Trustee at Synchronicity Earth. Jessica is also an IUCN Patron of Nature, helping to raise the visibility of global conservation needs worldwide and, she was appointed Honorary Conservation Fellow at the Zoological Society of London in March 2015.

Nina Marenzi is the Founder and Director of The Sustainable Angle and the creator of the Future Fabrics Expo. Nina works all over the world to champion sustainable textiles and innovations, to improve the sustainability of global textile mills, and to extend networks in the fashion and textile industries.

Sally Uren is Chief Executive at Forum for the Future with overall responsibility for delivering Forum’s mission to accelerate a big shift towards a sustainable future by catalysing transformational change in global systems. This involves working with leading global organisations to address complex challenges in systems as diverse as food, energy, apparel and shipping.

These inspiring people will guide the audience through the fashion-biodiversity relationship, including an introduction and roadmap of the rest of the events in the series Fabric of Life, which will explore these themes more fully.

The event will be followed by a drinks reception for Maiyet's Conduit-hosted pop-up shop.


This is a closed event for members of The Conduit. There will be a cash bar to follow.


6:30 PM - doors


The Conduit

40 Conduit Street


The Conduit serves as a home for a diverse community of people passionate about social change. Bringing together social entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, business leaders, policy-makers and civil society, The Conduit acts as a catalytic platform for individuals tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing us today. Members share the belief that the world’s most significant problems can be viewed as opportunities for entrepreneurial solutions, and that knowledge, skills, technology and capital can lead to transformative impact. The Conduit’s Programme showcases solutions and engender a better understanding of the trends, opportunities and geo-political forces shaping our world.

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