Fabric of Life



Official Series Launch

17th October, 2018

Engage with world-class experts and converse with industry leaders as we lay out a roadmap for how we will use fashion as the lens through which we explore the concept of (un)sustainable fashion and its impact on biodiversity throughout this series, starting from the perspective of the ecosystems and species that are under threat.


Arizona Muse has been hailed as the new face of American fashion by Vogue magazine, and is outspoken in her passion for sustainability both in the fashion industry and in her own life. Uses the power and influence of her modeling platform to promote better industry practices and educate widely on fashion and sustainability.

Wilson Oryema is an artist, model and passionate advocate of anti-consumerism.

Jessica Sweidan is Founding Trustee at Synchronicity Earth. Jessica is also an IUCN Patron of Nature, helping to raise the visibility of global conservation needs worldwide and, she was appointed Honorary Conservation Fellow at the Zoological Society of London in March 2015.

Anne-Marie Curtis, editor-in-chief at ElleUK magazine. Responsible for the 2018 September Sustainability Issue of ElleUK. 

Prue Addison is a conservation scientist and NERCscience (Natural Environment Research Council) Knowledge Exchange & Research Fellow.

Lucy Cooke is a British zoologist, author, and award-winning television producer, director and presenter. A National Geographic explorer with MSc in Zoology. ​

These inspiring people will guide the audience through the fashion-biodiversity relationship, including a forecast of the upcoming events in the Fabric of Life series, which will explore these themes more fully.

The event will include interactive sessions through which we will explore and deepen our personal connections with and understanding of the issues at hand.


This is an open event but registration is required. Drinks and canapés will be provided.


7:00 PM - doors


Sunbeam Studios

Ladbroke Hall
79 Barlby Road

W10 6AZ

A converted car factory, now home to photography studios and events spaces that play host to both high level fashion shoots and events ranging from product launches and to celebrations of all kinds, Sunbeam Studios is a unique blend of Edwardian elegance and modern aesthetic.

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